It's a Lose Lose Situation

I watched as the number increased. From 282,579 to 282,580.

Unconvinced, I refreshed the page.

Yup... It happened again. Up now to 282,581. It was the real deal. No mind games. Every time I clicked a link, the side bar on her blog updated the metrics, and with the additional side note 'A user from the United Kingdom visited your blog 1 minute ago'. Talk about live feed! 

I had only just discovered the metrics section of my own blog, and until a few minutes ago I was over the moon that my views had finally passed the two digit figure. 

For the briefest second, I considered  logging out of her blog. Like, 'Ain't no way my visit is adding to your numbers'.  Petty much? 

After all, I'm supposed to be raking up billable hours, so I had a valid excuse to log out. I should ideally record 107 billable hours every month.

This is me. A one and half day old blogger. In the tiniest micro second, I had caught myself comparing myself to someone who has been consistently blogging for two years.

I stayed on her blog. I read all the articles I liked. I laughed. I learnt. 

I had once answered the question someone posed to me.  If your blog only had one reader, only one hypothetical reader, would you still blog?

If that traffic overview graph remained at a flat line, all day and all week, like an electrocardiogram showing a heart that has finally bid us farewell... would I still blog? 

I think I would still blog. 

Someone will always be better off than you. Have skinnier legs, nicer teeth, richer husband... and  a walk in closet!

And that only fills you with envy, hate, and jealousy. 

You're probably thinking, well, what if you came out tops on the comparison scale? You're the finer one? fitter one? richer one? Then that only fills you with pride and arrogance.

You can't win Hun. It's a Lose-Lose Situation.

Caught up in a Comparison Tug of War today? On Social Media? In the Real World?

Nip it in the bud. 

For where envy and self-seeking exist, confusion and every evil thing are there - James 3:16 (NKJV)

KacheeTee. Xx

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ppS: No, I don't have those bible verses in my head like that.. I searched it up. 

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