Unintended Rant... and Orchestra Tickets

Unintended Rant... and Orchestra Tickets

My typical weekday routine to get to work is simple. Alarm goes off at 6.30. I eventually roll off the bed at 7.00, after sneaking a last minute cuddle with Tee (Ugh! Why are those early morning last minute cuddles the absolute best?)

I leave the house at 7.38 exactly, grabbing my brown structured leather bag (or so the label says), my red and blue tartan scarf and my fake fur hooded black jacket. I'm sure most people can recognize me from a mile away.  If I leave at 7.39, I'd have to walk a bit faster. Despite my bingo wings (aka Christian mother arms) and my love handles, I'm still not a fan of exercise. I get on the 7.45 bus and get the 7.52 train to work. If I'm in the mood, I put on some powder and wonky eye-liner. I arrive at work 9.10. In time for 9.30 resumption.

So hopefully you can understand my rant. Doing all of the above this morning, getting to the bus station, and the bus doesn't arrive. It just doesn't arrive. 

Okay cool, I'll get the 8.00 bus and get into work for 9.35...Not too bad.

I and seven other people wait in the cold for over 15 minutes. Everyone's frustrated but only mutter silently to themselves.  I try to call a cab. An unusually happy feminine voice responds 'Your taxi will be with you in about 40 mins'. Sigh. 'Never mind Hun, I do not have 40 minutes'.

We all saw the 8.00 bus approaching. We all flagged it down. It zoomed off.  No explanation. No acknowledgement of our existence. 

Smoke was literally coming out of my ears. 

I eventually got the 8.15 bus.  Which meant I got the 8.50 train. Which meant I got to work at 10:01. This wouldn't have mattered so much. I mean these things happen. 

But I'm a junior lawyer and I share an office with a Partner, my supervisor. He's been away since the Monday of last week. And I've been getting into work early. 

But he got back in today. There's no way on earth he won't think I've literally been taking the piss in his absence. 

How do I explain that it was just a mere co-incidence?

How do I explain that Tee and I probably jinxed it, by joking all week that although the bus and trains have been on time, the day Partner returned would be the day there'd be an issue. 

I stepped into the office. I did try to mumble something. But that's probably all it was. A mumble, I doubt he believed me. 

*I typed the above end to the rant on the train, on my way to the office. Because that's what I thought would happen. But what actually happened?

I stepped in. I spoke up. Almost louder than I normally would.

Me: I'm sorry I'm in late, my bus was so late.

Partner:  Your Boss?

Me: *makes a mental  note to check the correct pronunciation of Bus and generally improve my spoken English* - I meant the bus which gets me to the train station.

Partner: Oh sure. Understood!

That wasn't too bad. Sometimes we envision the worst and things actually turn out way better!

Have you felt the need to rant recently? Leave a comment below. It'll make you feel better


KacheeTee... Xx

pS: He was also so pleased with me that he gave me tickets to the Orchestra!!. Ok.. Not exactly.. He did give me tickets, and in a later post I'll let you know the real reason.


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