My Greeting Card Collection  (+Choosey Video Greeting Cards & a Giveaway!)

My Greeting Card Collection (+Choosey Video Greeting Cards & a Giveaway!)

I love paper greeting cards!

And I'm often so emotionally attached to them. I used to keep all of the cards I ever received right from high school to Uni. This was until I had to move to the UK and frankly couldn't justify those cards taking up space in my luggage. So I took photos of them - hoping to hold on to them for longer. But again the restrictions even on e-storage meant that I eventually had to let these go!

But I held on to all the physical cards I've ever received from Tee. So yes, I've got 9 years worth of cards. I counted these last night and they were about 50. From birthday cards, to Christmas cards, good luck and graduation wishes to wedding, anniversary and 'absolutely-no-reason' cards. 

The few people who followed me when I newly joined Instagram may remember that I'd once put up a photo of a wall gallery showcasing all my cards. While some friends said they loved cards, others were indifferent.

One my friends in particular said she couldn't be bothered and the minute after she received a card, she was happy to drop it in the bin! If I had the powers, that could probably be a crime. But she hosted us to a yummy 3 course dinner in AbuDhabi recently, so I can't stay mad at her for too long.

I have a few greeting card stories! On our first year anniversary of dating (read about our first date here) Tee and I unknowingly got each other the same card! It was actually so cute.

We also always say that even if you can't buy a gift, a card is always a kind gesture!

But on one Valentine day - I totally forgot to get him one, and he was pretty sad. I tried to remedy it at the last minute, but that didn't work out. I've also received the exact same card from him in two different years! 

Much more than just giving greeting cards, I love personalising them! So from editing the words on the inside to using personal photos on the front cover - it shows that you really did put in the effort, and were thoughtful! I also really do love unique and unusual cards!

I know with technology people seem to send less cards and opt for e-cards or simply sending videos! But what if you could merge both - like send a video in a greeting card!

Don't spend too much time thinking, it's possible - and for card lovers like me, it's the dream!

Choosey Video Cards

When I started blogging early this year, one of my draft posts was this - sharing my love for greeting cards!

So when Choosey cards reached out to me to share their video cards, I thought "how did they know".  Well, they didn't. I guess you just attract what you are?

So they offered me a chance to shop get some cards for free and hear my thoughts!

The first video card I ordered was for you - my awesome blog readers and that's it below!


So how do the video cards work? Pretty simple.

1. Go to online shop and pick out your card.

2. You can personalise the front of the card (where applicable) and the inside right.

3. The fun part! - the video. You may record a video on your phone or computer or use an existing video.

4. Download the Choosey app from App Store or GooglePlay (it's free!) and upload the selected video to the app. You may also create a video directly on the app. It's actually really easy.

5. The video will be uploaded to the inside left of the card.

6. Finalise your order and send either to yourself (extra envelope provided)
or directly to recipient!

7. Recipient downloads Choosey App, scans the barcode and views video!

You see, that way you've successfully sent a greeting card and a surprise video!


I used my iPad to scan the paper code and you can see the video! 


Pretty awesome huh?

My Additional Thoughts!

So obviously I think this is amazing but could do with a few tweaks:

1. It'll be great to have a selection of cards that allow for the front page to be personalised.

2. In the alternative or in addition to 1 above, perhaps a photo of the video clip could be included to the bar code. This makes it less plain and recipients will be more inclined to view the video.

3. I really wanted Christmas cards with traditional Christmas greetings and couldn't find those. Some of the cards are fun but a lot use some pretty risque words. The selection may therefore not appeal to a wider group of people, and so it'll be great to have more variety.

But all in all, great! And I love it. You can send new videos, special moments videos, surprise videos, anything and any occasion. 

I'll be making more videos this week and ordering more cards.


I hope you're keen to try and so you get 25% off your order with this code!


One person also gets the chance to win a £40 credit to place orders!

It's the perfect opportunity to get your Christmas, Valentine and other cards and go the extra mile attaching a video!

Easy peasy to enter!

Closes on the 15th of December and I'll pick a winner on the 16th.

It's open to UK residents only - but if you can't enter, you know you should let your eligible friends know!!

Good luck!

So - what are your thoughts on this video cards and do you love greeting cards in general?

I think it's a great one. You could build couple traditions around it, it acts as keepsakes and helps relieve special moments!  There are also loads of creative ideas on the internet on what to do with old greeting cards! 

Kachee... xx

pS: Please download the app even if only to see the video I recorded to you all! I actually sang + Tee made my cameo appearance.  You can simply scan the barcode from your computer or phone  screen (using another phone). I tried it and it's super cool. 

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