November Recap. Hopes for December! (+ 30 Day Gratitude Challenge)

November Recap. Hopes for December! (+ 30 Day Gratitude Challenge)

It's December - and we are about to say goodbye to another year! 

As usual, I looked forward to writing this post. Particularly after reading the October Recap and Hopes for November. So yes, November picked up. I had a good birthday - your messages and thoughts were overwhelming.  Thank you again.

November also had some little pretty memorable moments - like me finally trying broccoli (the skinny kind), receiving flowers and loving the Boomerang app!

In November, we finally had launched the New Layout & Celebrated 9 Months + 100k views with a couple of giveaways.  Thank you Desola of Twenty Six and Chiamaka of Social Prefect Tours for being a part of that.

I've shared most of my December plans in the post on activities to do this Christmas.  

But still, other plans, hopes and feelings for December:

Reading: Advent devotionals on the You version Bible app.

Thinking: maybe I could get an intern next year to help with the blog? So much I want to do and barely any time. 

Listening: to Christmas Hymns and carols! What else?

Hoping: we got a few decent photos from our holiday in AbuDhabi and Dubai, so I can share on the blog. If no photos, I can still share the experience in words. 

Wondering: if i should try contact lenses. Kind of feel like my eye sight may be worse as i now need my glasses to properly see my screen at work. And glasses can be a bit of a pain. 

Looking: forward to Christmas Eve! It's Tee's birthday. Whoop. 

Wanting: To get wigs. Lots of them. Different styles. 

Needing: to shop being frugal and get the screens of both my phones fixed. Such a shame I had no insurance and why so pricey to fix the screens of iPhones?! 

Watching: a web series on YouTube called 'This is It'. Shows the life of a young and newly married couple. The husband and I watched it for a couple of hours this morning. And guess what? in the series, the guy's name is Tee as well! Thanks Lade for recommending it. 

Liking: my first pair of over the knee boots! They look kind of chic, and I'm sure I'll over wear them this month. 

Creating: Blog newsletters. Finally! Sent the first one last week and looking forward to many more! To receive them, sign up here

Wishing: for a Christmas holiday in Malta!. One of my best friends just moved there and it'll have been so much fun to spend time with her. 

On the blog front, you may recall I spoke about being open to collaborations and working with companies who fit the vibe of this blog. I'm so excited for a couple of emails I received! Looking forward to sharing that this month - you'll love it!

If you missed it, the post on How We Met, Our First Date (+ a 9 Year Later Photos) was the post of last month. Next in line (and relationship related again!) was this one on 5 Heart-Felt Moments at Our Wedding. Also had a guest post on How to master the Art of Gifting! Great tips there. Thanks Ebzzz. 

You can catch up on all the November posts here

I'm so sorry I couldn't have the We Interview feature last month. I hope the wait for next months' should be worth it. 

The Gratitude Challenge

After this post on 6 Ways to be More Grateful in Our Everyday Life, a number of people said they'll be interested in the gratitude challenge - Trisha, Lara, Sauniya, Ufuoma, Laitan. 

For others who might be, I thought we'll do this 30 day one. As today is the 2nd, it's probably best to start from Day 2 - Day 30. Dec 31st can then be our Day 1.

I've modified the challenge a bit so for  you are required to write out three entries:

1. The entry for that particular day - using this photo

2. One thing you're thankful for this year

3. One thing that happened that day you're thankful for today. 


If you'll be posting any photos or tweets about it, please tag me in them or maybe a #KTGratitudeChallenge. I'll love to see and possibly collate a few interesting entries for our newsletter. Seeing what others are grateful for has a way of inspiring you to be more grateful!

No matter how the year has been, let's end the year with so much gratitude in our hearts.

Wishing you all an amazing amazing December! - Share how November went for you and your hopes for December. 

Kachee... Xx

pS: Remember you can leave a comment without creating a Disqus account. Use the guest option. I'll love to hear from you!

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