October Recap. Hopes for November!

October Recap. Hopes for November!

It's the 11th month of the year!

It's my birth month. I've sort of looked forward to it for a while and now it almost feels like an anticlimax - but I'm sure it'll pick up!

I really looked forward to this post because it's probably the one where I get most personal. But more importantly we get to catch up and I hear what you're up to - how October was and goals/hopes for November.  

So recap of October! I typically read the previous month recap before writing a new one. You can catch up on the September Recap and Goals for October

Two things I was really looking forward to didn't happen - the Christian retreat & the makeup class. So that was quite sad. I did go shopping for new coloured glasses frames & flat shoes but not much luck there. October was generally busy, especially at work with some late nights involved, and not much fun stuff. 

As I've done these past few months, these verbs come to my rescue in helping me put my thoughts together! They essentially show the plans for November! 

  • Eating: less at night - or at least really wanting too!  I find that since I often meal prep, I eat really healthy at lunch time. But night time and working late can sometimes make me dive for a meal or snacks I know I shouldn't have! Also hoping to finally try couscous, bulgur and maybe quinoa this month. Do you like these?
  • Reading: the Power of a Praying Wife, by Stormie Omartan. If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw me gushing about the book. Generally not impressed with how slow I've been in reading my books though. Need to do better!
  • Wanting: to go on a holiday with the husband! Not one packed with loads of activities - but just a chilled one to really catch up and relax. We've both been really busy these past weeks. 
  • Drinking: less alcohol. I've never been much of a drinker, but now the thoughts of how many skips I'll have to do to burn of a glass of wine, makes me not even bother. pS: juice and fizzy drinks aren't any better. Let's drink more water! 
  • Watching:  the Queen of Katwe. Or at least wanting to watch it this month. Heard good stuff about it, plus I quite liked the trailer. See that here. 
  • Wearing: tights, because cold weather. Sadly. They are not my favourite piece of clothing and I find they tend to itch and make me uncomfortable after a long day. 
  • Feeling:  inspired to everything I do, and more, extremely well. This will mean being efficient, and maximising my time. 
  • Needing: to perfect my driving - particularly my reversing skills which genuinely almost makes me cry.  It's getting cold, and buses are becoming irregular. So need to avoid encounters like this one. Finally got a car here, so hopefully more practice! 
  • Looking: for gospel artists to check out! Can you please recommend some? 
  • Noticing: the bags under my eyes and the breakouts on my face. Need to take skincare (and haircare) more seriously. 
  • Celebrating: 100k views on the blog! I literally just checked saw while typing this post, and noticed that we had crossed the mark. I guess that's a mini big deal? Giveaway maybe? Stay tuned & thank you all for reading, for commenting, for sharing! 
  • Creating: the new blog layout. It's been quite a bit of work and It should go live on the 10th. Not sure what you all will think and I'll really love some feedback. At the least, I hope it'll making navigating the blog easier. 
  • Thinking: of monetising the blog in some way.  I know it's tricky, but I've thought of my chat with the Proverbs 31 woman and how she makes a profit from her ventures. Obviously, whatever form that takes will still have to fit with the vibe of the blog. If you're a blogger and monetise your blog how's that going? Any tips? 
  • Opening: Chapter 28 in life, come November 23rd. I feel like I should have conquered adulting by now, but I find myself grappling in many ways. I guess no one really figures it out yeah? Also wondering if there'll be any surprises.  Last year, there was a surprise vacation sort of. I'll blog about it soon - as a sort of throw back. And the year before that, when I turned 26, there was a surprise party. *hint hint* But, no pressure! Plus I'm not overly keen for anything. Unlike on my 25th, when I was certain I wanted a tangible gift, as I shared in this post. 

On the blog font, It'll be nine months on the 10th (hence the date for the new layout!). Maybe when the blog turns 1, I'll try to explain how much impact this has had for me, if i can put it into words. At that point, I'll also probably have a survey to know how you readers think. But before then, please feel free to let me know! A couple of people on twitter suggested more travel and possibly videos! (omgeee, I'm too shy!)

The more popular posts this month included the Tips on Surviving Long Distance Relationships Successfully and the Blogging questions i get asked often. Oh, the Little Note on Prayer was an impromptu one, but I was so glad lots of people said it blessed them. In line with #Pinktober  shared a helpful breast checking infographic on there. Hubs responses to the makeup questions definitely made me laugh. You can catch up on all October Posts, which included travel posts and a career post. 

Finally, although I haven't been blogging for very long, a few people ask me some blogging questions and I often come across some good tips and I have quite a few opinions as well. Do you guys think you'll read this? 

This November, I hope we have an awesome one, filled with favours. Generally, I'm learning to speak out my goals and desires and possibly find a bible scripture that supports it. Even for people who aren't religious, there's always the law of attraction. So, yes to saying what we want and watching it happen.

How are you? How was October and what interesting things are you looking forward to in November!  I always love hearing your thoughts. And if you'll rather not comment publicly, you can say hi here. 

Kachee ... Xx

pS: Did you catch my last post on Interview with Saxophonist, Tuke Morgan? Co-incidentally, she just shared a post when we met up for dinner in London back in July. Check it out here, and note that I'd had such a long day before we met up! Hahaha. 

ppS: Don't forget you can leave a comment as a guest without signing in to Disqus. Just tick the guest option. 

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