Blog Talk: 9 Months, a 100k Views, Blog Award, New Layout (& Two Giveaways!)

Blog Talk: 9 Months, a 100k Views, Blog Award, New Layout (& Two Giveaways!)

If this blog were a baby conceived on the 10th of February when the first post was published to the world, the usual nine month period will be over and the baby will be full term as today.

So I think it's worth a bit of celebration - hence the giveaways! I sought out to simply create a platform to share my thoughts but I've grown and been inspired in more ways than I ever thought. And that is all thanks to you, for taking time out to make this space part of your routine.


You already know from my October recap post that we got to a 100k views earlier this month. When I say we (like in our tech gadgets wishlist post) I mean you and I. Because even though I write and prob click on my own posts a few times a day. I'll never have been able to do this on my own. Your reading & your sharing brought us this far. Please don't stop.

New Layout

I finally got around to tweaking bits and pieces of the blog. I think I first thought it it at the end of September in this post. The most significant changes are probably the improved side bar and the footer + general ease of navigation. I've also included an FAQ page which deals with a number of questions on the blog, commenting and sharing posts. The last question is a rather funny one asking if the husband, Tee, reads the blog as he has never left a comment. Well, I answer on there. If you're a first timer, you're in luck as there's  also an a pretty useful first timer page. I've also updated the About page and created a Work with Me page. Fingers crossed, let's see if that get a few clicks!

Oh for the days when I sometimes wonder why I blog, I've included a What Readers Say page for all the nice feedback I've received over time. Please note, that's just a select few chosen in no order. Plus I'll keep updating it with some of the kind words I've received in the past couple of months. 

Blog Award

The Blogosphere can be really supportive. I got nominated for a first blog award some time ago and I answered all the fun personal questions in this post. Three months on, it seems like a good day to acknowledge this other recognition award. Thank you Grace, Favour & Moji for nominating me.  The award encourages the blogger to answer two questions. So here we go:

1. Why did you start blogging?

Too many thoughts were constantly in my head. Some serious and some not so serious. I wanted to share all of it and I don't really post on Facebook. People don't really like long captions on Instagram and I wasn't on Twitter (I am now, and totally love it there. Follow me? @KacheeTee). So blog it was.

2. Two advice for new bloggers.

  • Just start! You'll learn so much along the way
  • After starting, never stop seeking to improve - your content, design and relationship with readers.

pS: This post gives us some really good inspiring and practical blogging advice. It may be helpful

3. Nominate 15 deserving bloggers

I'll love to. But I'm typing this at 11 pm and my brain is shutting down.

If you've ever left a blog link in the comments here and never been nominated, consider yourself nominated!


Finally, the giveaway.

This one is to say thank you. A lot of people have said they love the We Interview section of the blog and they hope it can be every week. I hope so too, but it's not feasible at this moment. So for now, it's monthly and we'll keep interviewing amazing women. I'm particularly excited for November's feature (seems like I'm often excited about all of them!)

Anyway, old readers will have realised that all the three giveaways we've done on this blog has been related to this section. Because I'm truly inspired by all they do and love to support!

So first was Cassie and a copy of her blog planner; Next was Funto and a ticket to the women's conference and finally Eziaha and a ticket to her weight loss class! Check out the interviews with them if you haven't: inspiring!

The next two which will run this week, will be with Desola of TwentySix Clothing who was the first lady we interviewed in April, and Chiamaka of Social Prefect Tours in September.

Giveaway 1: 10th - 13th of November

3 persons to win a 4,000 Naira voucher to shop on for any item of your choice.


  • Simply leave a comment below saying what your favourite TwentySix print is, so far. You may want to have a look at the website for inspiration. At the moment, mine is this gorgeous yellow polka dot print which I've placed an order for and can't wait to get it! Sorry though, you're not allowed to say this is your fave as well.

This is optional, but I'll love to hear how you'll style your piece and if you're hoping to win it for someone, tell us why! 

You should have no difficulties leaving a comment as you can use the guest option. If you do however, simply contact me with your answer and you'll be considered.

You should be subscribed to this blog and following @KacheeTee and on Instagram

All persons who participate will be entitled to an automatic 10% off and will be included to the TwentySix mailing list.

Please note that TwentySix is able to ship worldwide but, shipping charges are not included and may need to be paid for separately. Vouchers are transferable to third parties.

That's pretty much it. Winners will be announced on Monday the 14th and this post will be updated with details of the second giveaway which you can already guess will include a tour! 


pS: Wore my TwentySix skirt classic black & white stripped skirt when I turned 26 (pretty cool yeah?) and also wore their orange stripped shift dress while Tee & I were in Malaysia.

ppS: Please let me know what you think about the new layout and the new pages.

Update - Twenty Six Giveaway!

It was interesting reading all of the entries and as with giveaways I wish everyone could win the voucher. But at least everyone get's 10% off their next purchase from TwentySix. The winners for this are:

  • Ifeyinwa Amagwula
  • Sky
  • Chinelo Onwuta (who sent her entry via email as she was unable to leave a comment)

I had a little too much fun with Tee picking out the winners out of a box. You may still see it on my Instagram story! Winners will be contacted by email.

Update - Social Prefect Tours Giveaway

You already know we love Nigeria's Social Prefect and we interviewed her on the blog here.

I also have a special love for Ibadan, Nigeria (the largest city in West Africa) as Tee and I met there. So two people get the chance to go on a Social Prefect Tour to Agodi Parks Ibadan!

All you have to do is:


You should have no difficulties leaving a comment as you can use the guest option. see the FAQ page if you have any issues. 

If you do however, simply contact me with your answer and you'll be considered.  If you're not on Twitter or Instagram, it's okay - just let us know. 

If you're in Ibadan, please say so as I'll love to pick one person from Ibadan - you will however have to meet the team at the Park.  For others, departure point will be from Lagos, so please be sure you can attend. 

Tickets are transferable and winners will be announced by noon on Friday, the 18th!

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