5 Useful Questions I get Asked on Blogging (and our 100th Post!)

5 Useful Questions I get Asked on Blogging (and our 100th Post!)

This wasn't the post planned for the day. But then I realised it's our 100th post! I think that's a big deal. Kinda. So I decided to write on Blogging. Seemed like just the other day we wrote this 50th post! Phew.  In recent times, I've gotten a couple of questions about blogging. And rather than give piecemeal responses, I thought I'll just answer on here. I'm no expert, but I've learnt you don't need to be an expert to help. Everyone's on the journey, so your perspectives are helpful.

I'm no longer surprised that almost everyone has a blog now. More so, when I heard the view that every leader should have blog if possible, as a great way to influence others. I also think we may have gotten to the point where having a blog becomes like just another social media, like your Facebook page or Twitter, but just one for longer thoughts. What do you think? 

Anyway now to the questions:

1.     Is your blog on Wordpress or Blogger?

None. My blog is hosted on SquareSpace which I started out loving, then hating, then absolutely loving. There are so many advantages of SquareSpace. I haven't really used WordPress or Blogger in detail. I only created blogs on both platforms and never went  public with them. The one thing about Squarespace like they say, and I totally agree is that it's difficult to create an ugly blog on SquareSpace. Their templates are clean and once you get the hang the hang of it, it's quite easy to work around. Also it's automatically optimised for SEO and mobile view. Eg. If you search "slow day at work"  on Google, this post of mine on 8 Productive Things to Do On a Slow Day at Work shows up on the first page, as the 5th result! How cool!?  Plus their customer service is amazing. Literally, a quick chat online and they help sort your issues. There's a monthly fee (or yearly) though, but you switch up templates without any extra fee. I'm switching up my site soon all my myself. Fingers crossed, I hope it turns out right! A few downsides, but these are easy to work around and they are constantly improving. 

2.     How do you combine blogging with a day job?

To be honest, it's quite tough. Because my day job as a Lawyer is pretty intense. But 8 months and I haven't quit!  First off, I stick to a schedule of 3 posts a week. I find that for now, that works for me.  I may be able to squeeze in writing 4, but the back-end work of publishing and promoting is pretty stressful. At the beginning of every month I totally plan out all my posts.  12 for the month.  Many times I end of tweaking  and shuffling the arrangement or including new content, but at least there's a base. Next up, I use my commute! I guess that's the advantage of not driving to work.  I type on my phone while on the way to work,  on my Notes app, and I don't need wifi for this. I email it to myself later at night and upload it online!  Weekends are also great to get major work done as well. But I totally suck at blogging and promoting at weekends, and need to do better. This post on balancing a side hustle with a day job may also be helpful. 

3.     How do you leave comments regularly on the blogosphere and what do you think of other people leaving their links in comments?

Second bit of the question first. I think it's totally okay to leave links on others post. I know it can be quite tricky and you're wondering if people think "Oh, are you just reading my post to leave a link". But it can be a great way to promote your blog, and as long your intentions are genuine, I think people are generally fine with it. I've met so many amazing bloggers via links they've left on my own or other blogs. I think of it as an online business card. Lol! Spammy or one word comments are usually frowned upon. I only recently started leaving comments on blogs when I started blogging. To be fair, I didn't use to read that many blogs. Asides promotion, I've realised how much it means to the writers, and it's a great way to share, give feedback and support.  I typically comment using the same computer and if I've left a comment once, I'm constantly logged in, so this makes leaving comments easier! 

4.     Where do you get the photos for your blog?

I use a lot of free Stock Photos! If I had more time, maybe I'll take my own photos and create posters. Or maybe not. For now though free stock photos work. Remember I wrote this post on "Why You Shouldn't Use Photos from Google Images". That's still true. But stock photos are special kinds of photos that are free for anyone to use, because the photographers have designated them as such and there can be no copyright infringement. I generally use  photos from a wide range of websites. See this article for 21 websites where you can get such free photos! That being said, it's still sometimes hard to find a photo that ties in to your post. But we gotta make do! I've also noticed that there are very few stock photos of people with darker skin tones and so I'm making an effort to use more of those on the blog, which I did in this last post, this and this

 5. What apps do you use to create some of the posters on your blog and Instagram?

Although I don't use a lot of my own photos, I sometimes create posters. Especially in recent times, for the monthly recap posts and the WeInterview posters I put up on my Instagram. Essentially I just use font apps, typing over (stock) photos.  I use Vanilla Pen and Typorama mostly. They are free, but additional fonts and special features require an upgrade.  I hear Canva is also great for making such posters, and I'm going to take some time to get the hang of it.

That's all folks! For those that asked, I hope the responses are useful. Any other questions, I'm happy to answer in the comments!
Now to you readers! If you blog, why did you start blogging and how many posts have you published so far? What's your latest 'small' or 'big' blog achievement?  What other apps / tricks help ease the blogging process?

If you don't blog, do you think you're likely to start one soon? If not, why not? We're essentially talking blogging today - so please share!
pS: If you could, please let me know how you found my blog! and maybe send me some feedback / what to improve on or what you'll like to see more of?  Oh, one more thing, pretty please subscribe and let's hang on Social Media: @KacheeTee

Kachee.. Xx

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