September Recap. Hopes for October!

September Recap. Hopes for October!


I'm not sure why I'm greeting in the only Spanish word I know.

But, Happy October! Last Quarter! *Insert Dramatic Drum Roll*

I was looking at my 2016 list a couple of weeks ago, and while somethings have worked, some haven’t. Learning to swim and drive hasn’t happened yet, but at least the blog as happened (even though in the goal plan, I actually wrote YouTube). The aim was not to write but to actually share my thoughts on a channel. I thought it’ll be easier. Now, not so sure. One thing i’ll totally still love though, is to have the Super Women Interviews in person! 

Ok I promised myself this will be short, because a few people thought the August recap was a tad bit long. Brevity is not my forte, and i just love talking to you all! 

Not sure if this taking stock format, makes me talk more, but it gives me an easy way out (because I’m typing this at 11 pm on Sunday!); so I still love it for now! 

  • Eating: - smaller portions (honestly)! Apparently healthy living is 80% what you eat. So in our plates should be 1/4 carbs, 1/4 protein and 1/2 veg. Let’s do it people! I'm also eating more veggies - even peas - which I actually do not like! Not sure when I'll eat broccoli though.
  • Reading:  Areas Ugwu’s Smart Money Woman. (If you follow me on Instagram, you already know) I consider myself really good with money, but it’s helpful to always learn new tips and tricks and how to make your money work for you. Who has read it? Thoughts?
  • Wanting: red or brightly coloured frames. I can’t pull off contacts and I’m tired of my current ones. I had pink ones at some point. They were pretty! 
  • Wondering: if anyone is reading this blog for the first time. Say Hi if you are! 
  • Loving: my iMac! So remember my tech wishlist. Only one item is still on the wishlist! Got the iMac and since I’ve never used an Apple computer so I keep googling the most random stuff. Don’t tell, but I had to google where the power button was. Need to take some time off to learn it properly. 
  • Liking: this verse. “Perhaps you were born for a time such as this”? It’s from the book of Esther in the Bible (4:14).  It’s a deep one. What’s your purpose. Times may be trying, Things may not be working. People may be downcast. But just maybe you have been born to fix something or inspire someone! 
  • Marvelling: at people who can speak several languages! 
  • Watching: Skinny Girl in Transit. It’s a Nigerian based web series, and i just love it! Love the fact that the main character, is not skinny and doesn't conform to the popular standard of beauty, and all the men are over her! If you’ve watched it. Team Kola, Femi or Mide? What else should I check out? Tee is watching Narcos, but I can’t deal with all that violence. 
  • Looking: forward to a Christian weekend retreat I may attend this month! No phones, not much talking, just quality time for faith to be strengthened.
  • Noticing:  that I need to get new pairs of flat shoes! Still can’t get used to the popular UK lifestyle of wearing sneakers to work and then switching at work. So I wear flats. And most of mine need to go to the bin. Since I started blogging I’ve literally stopped shopping. Is that even a good thing?
  • Creating: a new layout for the blog. I get bored so easily, so I’ll probably switch things up a bit this month, if I’ve got some time.  
  • Thinking: of signing up for an eyebrow makeup class later this month. Hopefully my makeup game will improve after that!
  • Wishing: you all an amazing October, and i'm really hoping it's a great one for us all. What are your plans? Share with us, and maybe we can tag along on something fun. 

On the blog font, the most popular posts (judging from the comments) were the Letter to my Younger Self and 3 Important Details in Creating Beautiful Wedding Memories!. Thank you for always sharing your thoughts!

I personally loved the Tongue Check post, and speaking to Nigeria's Social Prefect! Although I knew it won't be popular, I felt inclined  to write the Letter to Recruiters. Guess what, a recruiter reached out to me to explain their point of view. Remember, it's not always about the figures, but the impact. We also had a guest post, as Tayo shared her Ghana trip with us, and confirms that Ghana Jollof rice is amazing! Oh and since it's a new month, are you likely to adopt these great habits

Finally, I installed a Calendar widget, so it's easy to see old posts and finally figured out Disqus so you don't need to create an account to leave a comment! Just click log in, enter your name (of Pseudonym) and email, choosing the option to comment as a guest.  I love hearing your thoughts, and I'm constantly thinking of ways to make the time spent on here a great one for you. Ideas, please let me know! And welcome to all who found our little corner on the web in September. We hope you love it, you stick around and invite others!

What’s October going to be like for you? Are we in sync on any of the above?

Kachee… Xx

pS: Half the time, when I use the words 'we' or 'our' on this blog, I mean me + all the amazing readers! This place will be filled with cobwebs without you all! 

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