How We Personalised Our Wedding  + Ideas, Tips & Lessons!

How We Personalised Our Wedding + Ideas, Tips & Lessons!

I'm such a sucker for personalised items and I love when weddings have a little bit  of personalisation and attention to detail. While planning our wedding, we had loads and loads of ideas we wanted to execute. The wedding actually made us create a Pinterest account and we had a secret board with wedding details. Needless to say we couldn't keep up! There's an overwhelming amount of information out there. That, plus sticking to the budget meant we had to give up on a lot of things. But to be fair, a lot were probably unnecessary. For example I wanted a personalised wedding hanger to hang my dress. When I searched for these online and the price range was £20 - £25, I didn't think twice before striking it off the list. 

But, we still pulled in a few, and I'm glad we did.


There's lots of ideas for the bride and bridal robes and slippers are definitely top of the list. Most brides also often go for this. Asides the slippers for the Bride, I found a couple for my sisters who were both my maid-of-honour. 


Also got the a bridal robe. Not sure why I opted to have the "Future" inscribed on it. It's kinda of redundant now because of that. Also, not sure if it's just me, but I didn't get to use the Satin robe much. On the other hand, the cotton robes my girlfriends got me which I used at the traditional wedding ceremony gets way too much wear! It's so comfy. 

Oh. One more thing. Not much of a personal touch, but I also got those "I do" shoe stickers! Think they cost about £1! 


They're often kinda neglected (and even I sort of neglected them in this post). It's his wedding too you know. So while it appears there's not much that can be done - because after all they just wear a suit and show up, some little things can go a long way. And act as keep sakes. For us, the husband chose to have out intials on his shirt and also a personalised cuff links. One thing I've learnt is that some of these things can be super cheap! You only have to ask. We got the cuff links off eBay for about £5. Did the job! I saw a cute idea once where the bride sent the groom a personalised socks with the inscription "in case you get cold feet". I think it's cute, but on a deeper level, what happens if someone really gets cold feet on their wedding? Oops. 


For the ceremony, not sure there's much to personalise especially if it's a traditional one. We initially wanted to write out own vows, but didn't get around to it, and I'm not sure the Catholic Church even let's you do that. I've also thought personalised wedding bands could be cute - so having a name or initials inscribed in it. I wasn't too keen, so that didn't happen.  However someone managed this rather cute surprise at church!

Reception & After Party

This is where you can definitely go all out! And people do. From personalised cutlery and champagne glasses for the bride and groom, to personalised confetti. No kidding. We had intended to have a personalised guest book for guests to sign and leave their well wishes, as well as a slide show saying our story over the 5.5 years we had been together. But we didn't manage to pull that off. For what it's worth, we had our initials on the cake.  

Oh, and in my quest for some other cute items, I found some cute pins, that had inscribed on them "I'm his Mrs" and "I'm her Mr". So I bought them. And it was such a shock when they arrived! I had forgotten to check the measurement. It was so tiny, it could barely be seen! 

That's about it from us! In the first post wedding post on Creating Beautiful Wedding Memories, you guys said you wanted more wedding posts. So here you go and there's a few more coming! Actually there's a personalised item I skipped. But that will have to wait till the next post when I talk about something different! 

As a general guide in choosing to personalise your wedding, here are a few tips:

Make a list:

Ultimately, some things will give and you may not tick everything off your list. But it's great to have starting point and know exactly what you want and where you can find them. 

Start early + Bargain Hunt: 

Totally start early if you're really keen. If not, chances are that closer to the time, you will agree that having a piece of cutlery with your name inscribed on it is not such a big deal  Starting early also helps you find great deals. As you can see from the cuff links (which I absolutely loved), it really doesn't have to cost an arm! 

Think beyond the wedding:

Obviously having personalised confetti is great - but won't be useful after the wedding. So when spending quite a bit of money,  it's great to get items that can be used after the day. So dressing robes and champagne glasses, are more likely to be a yes than an expensive hanger with "Mrs A to be" inscribed on it. 

What do you think of such personalisation, as a way of adding a bit of your personality to weddings (and  for the photos and general aesthetic). If you've had or planned a wedding before, what sorts of personalisation did you use? Wedding in the future, share your ideas with us! 

Kachee... Xx

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