The Designer Luxury Handbag: To Buy or Not to Buy?

The Designer Luxury Handbag: To Buy or Not to Buy?

Honestly, I find myself laughing way too often when I'm on social media. Literally, no chill. From memes to hashtags to GIFS, to just the opinions of people. Apparently, last Monday was #NationalHandbagDay. No jokes. Like seriously.  It's banter all right but I saw a couple of people put up photos of their handbags. And when when I searched the hashtag at the time of writing this post, there were 15,737 posts on Instagram. Needless to say, it was filled with an array of designer luxury handbags.

Think Prada, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Celine, Gucci and the rest of them. 

So I thought to myself "Maybe this is a good opportunity to write this post you've often wondered about?"

buy designer luxury bag

I'm not sure whether it's the age or environment I find myself in at the moment, but those bags have begun to look appealing to me. Infact, I've chatted about these bags so often, the husband is a connoisseur as well. It's so funny how now he's the one to say "Babe, that'a a Channel Boy right; Or isn't that the Fendi Two Jours". Hilarious.

So I've often asked myself this question. To Buy or Not to Buy an Expensive Luxury Handbag? 

My Frolleague totally thought so, and she'll justify it using pretty much the reasons below.  So I'm basically wondering what your thoughts are, and here are a few arguments for the pro side. 

It's an Investment:

In some Posh restaurants, they provide a mini stool for your bag. I guess they agree with this opinion that such bags are investments pretty much similar to gold, and can always be re-sold. Hard to be convinced fully on this point. True there might be a market for re-sale. But unless it's one of those special limited croc skin editions, you're perhaps unlikely to get a great return on investment. Plus you'll have to maintain it in totally pristine condition to be able to sell. 

The Best Things in Life are Free; the Second Best are Very Expensive
— Coco Chanel

It's Better Quality and Lasts Longer:

Hello! If I'm spending thousands of pounds on a handbag, I'll expect it to last longer.  But how long is long to be honest? I know some people say you could totally hand it down to generations yet unborn. But I've also seen people with pretty worn out luxury bags that I'm pretty sure the next generation are likely to reject. Plus I had a pretty bad experience where I bought a pair of branded shoes that I was told will last 'forever' and the sole still came off rather quickly. We can blame that on my walking habits, but I've digressed. To spend £3000 on a bag which lasts me 20 years. Or £30 on a bag which lasts a year. In 20 years of buying such latter kind of bags I'll have spent just £600. Hmmmm. 

Handbags Speak Louder than Words

It's a Status Thing:

On this, I read a pretty hilarious article once (hilarious, because although they sounded serious, I refused to believe that they could be). Basically they opined that in some office environments if you don't have such luxury handbag, you'll be perceived as undeserving of a raise or a senior promotion, because you aren't just at that level. There's also the argument that people judge you based on external appearances first. So if you're looking to mingle with a particular crowd, it's worth investing in these pieces. That's why we are often particular about the logo or the brand. If it's Chanel, but only has the logo inside, many people won't probably go for it. I think it's for this reason also that quite a number of people are happy to purchase a not-original designer item.

I seem to be reaching the conclusion that it's essentially a status thing, and then there might be an argument for quality.  But I think it's important to flag that we must continuously spend wisely and as our bank accounts permit. By all means if I have a fat bank account, I'll probably be splurging (and find ways to rationalise it in my head). But if not, a decent handbag from a high street store should thoroughly do the job - we hope!

It’s Not Always What You Wear, It’s How You Wear It!

 Are you a handbag person? Or more of a shoe person?

If you're pro luxury items, what's your reason? What are your favourite luxury brands and why! If not, do you think it's just a matter of your account balance fattening up and then you'll get yourself some? Or are you one of those who can't really justify luxury items like a handbag, no matter how much you have!

Let's talk this one through.


Kachee.. Xx

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