7 Tips to Succeed at a New Job

A new job can be exciting. After a round of interviews, preparations, and self talk, you’re finally ready to start with a shiny desk, (hopefully) better benefits, and a place to look forward to every day.

But the truth is, a new job is also uncertain. You’re leaving the stability of an old job where you likely knew how things worked, had nicknames for your old colleagues, memorised the best routes to work and where to go for lunch! It also comes with lots of questions, from the more important ones like “how does one make a mark in this organisation and have the CEO know my pet’s name?” to “where the heck do they keep the stationery?” and everything else in between.

I’ve had my fair share of job moves and being the newbie. I’ve also heard a few tips from other newbies. These are the seven tips most employees wish someone had told them earlier.

Weekend Notes X Links Around the Web


Happy long weekend to you if that applies. I had assumed most countries acknowledge the Easter holidays and was a bit surprised to find out that the US does not - and it’s just a regular weekend over there. On my side, I’m in that space where I’ve almost lost track of days because not only do we acknowledge a long weekend in the UK, my office closed on Tuesday and so it’s been quite some good time off! I’ve been able to catch my breath and do a bit of house and life admin.

Also, did you watch Beyonce’s Homecoming on Netflix? I would love just about 0.5% of her work ethic. My fave takeaway was her opinion on rehearsing. She mentioned that people don’t like to rehearse because it makes you humble, it exposes your flaws and you have to study. And that is so spot on. Whether it’s a rehearsing for a presentation, job interview, practicing your writing or creative process, many people do not want to come across as learners. But the faster we embrace the learning process and the flaws that come with it - the better!

Here are a few links for you to catch up on.

Motherhood + Career/Business: 8 Tips to Make It Work

Few days ago, as I set out for work and took a quick selfie with my son, crouched in front of our mirror in the hallway, I thought to myself how I was behind on some of the goals I had set for myself—mostly because these days I was pretty exhausted to do anything else.

And then I remembered the question someone had asked me: “how does one not let motherhood deter your career or business goals?” I knew she didn’t have a child yet so I asked if she was having a baby soon. She responded in the negative but explained that she was just thinking ahead. No surprise there—many women often wonder just how much they can combine their business/career goals with motherhood.

As I gave her several tips, I knew that it should definitely be a full on blog post. Truth is, although it seems like a paradox, motherhood in some innate way almost acts as a propeller to dream big, innovate, and smash those goals. As Sheryl says in her excellent book Lean In, Motherhood is not the time to go slow, it’s actually the time to step on the accelerator!

Easy Reads: 9 Light Reads to Pick Up When Life Gets Hard

Ever feel like some days, the world is stressful enough that you only want “fluffy” entertainment? After the last list of books about families and generational sagas and this about thrillers, we’re ready for some light reading. If you’re only looking for the movers and shakers of literature, this may not be the post for you.

Still, I’m a firm believer in the fact that there’s a place for lighter books in everyone’s life. While some of these books may be predictable, you’re sure to blast through them and get the warm fuzzies right (or at least a satisfied feeling) after. A few of these books are young adult novels—it doesn’t get lighter than that.

4 Ways I'm Embracing a Lifestyle Makeover!

I recently bought a white tee shirt that had inscribed on it “there are so many opportunities to start something new”. That quote was definitely the primary reason I decided to let Zara sale have my £5. The other was because, although I’ll typically not buy a white t shirt (is it just me or do they just turn a bit dull after the first wash?) - like the title of this post, I’m trying to do some things differently.

If you ever watched the Oprah show, you may remember the episodes where four to five women put themselves forward or had nominated by their friends for a style revamp! They were mostly bored (or had never tried anything different) of their hair, their clothes and their style. The reveal was often such a shocker - and they didn’t look the same - in a good way!  I loved those a lot - especially when it featured much older women because it proved that you could always try something new and adventurous even as an adult.

How Do You Use Social Media (Mindfully)?

There are different kinds of social media users. While some people are Instagram or Snapchat creatures, others prefer Twitter. Then there are the Facebook and LinkedIn aficionados. Other people are more likely to be found on Pinterest. A surprising number of people still use forum-style social networks like Reddit, as well. And of course, there’s the rare bird who is on—and uses—everything.

I’ve always enjoyed social media, and in the past I was one of those who wanted to try everything—although I’m now nearly 85 percent Instagram, 15 percent Twitter. Social networking can be a great way for people and businesses to connect with like-minded people, share ideas, build networks (pun intended), and influence others.

Lately, though, many people have been re-evaluating their relationship with social media.

7 Alternate & Budget-friendly Party Ideas for Kids

Extravagant children’s birthday parties have become all the rage in recent times. It’s not unusual to attend a party that features elaborate décor, a lavish sweet table, and many other awesome extras! Aside from costing lots of money, these somewhat opulent events can also be expensive both in the time (planning and coordinating) and stress!

While many parents do like to celebrate age milestones, if throwing a big party doesn't appeal to you, here are some alternatives that are both fun-filled and perhaps more budget friendly!

A Day in the Work Life of Oreoluwa Aremo - Communications Associate

It’s true what they say—social media is what you make of it! Ore’s current job landed in her lap because she had the courage (and was annoyed enough) to tweet! 

It’s exciting to be sharing this feature because Ore is a visible part of the KacheeTee community! If you scan the comments section of the blog, you’re bound to see a number of comments from her. She has a genuine love for storytelling and creative content in all forms—from books and blogs to movies and music, and she’s privileged to utilise this passion at her day job!

We now get to know a bit more about her and her work life. Asides story telling and books, what would she do if she didn’t have to work? What’s the best part of her job? How can you get a job like this? She shares all of this—and also why Valentine’s Day 2019 has been her most memorable moment on the job so far (hmmm... what could it be?).

9 Last Minute (But Awesome) Easy Ideas for Mother's Day

Do you feel like despite all the advance notice in ads, stores, and the fact that we should just know, Mother’s Day still creeps up on us? I know in relation to my plans, I’m surely not prepared! But being on the receiving end, I sure hope my husband and 17 month son have got something planned. 

Yes, yes some people say everyday should be Mother’s Day, but we know it isn’t. There are days when you don’t agree with your mother or you’re even quite upset with her. So having one day set aside to say all the mushy words and maker her feel special is fine by us! 

If you’re a procrastinator and haven’t done anything extra like flying out to surprise her or handing her a brand new grand baby, we’ve got 9 last minute ideas that will still make her feel special!

6 Women on Why They Don't Want to Have Children

From a very young age, some women are children inclined—they play with dolls, play pretend mummy, have names picked out for their kids and imagine themselves in that role. That was not me. I didn’t think much about having children, but at the same time, I don’t think I ever considered the possibility of not having a family with kids. And now, having prepared myself for it and fully certain—raising my son has to be the most beautiful thing. It’s such a privilege and an utmost honour.

In a recent conversation with a friend, a first time mum to a gorgeous toddler, she said and I paraphrase “I love this child so much—much more than I could ever imagine. But sometimes I wonder. Did I really want kids or is it something I did because society expects.”

In this feature, 6 women share why they’re pretty certain kids are not for them! And they answer some pressing questions. Is it selfish to not want kids? What happens to you in old age? What are the underlying reasons or fears? Will they take permanent avoidance measures? What if their partners want kids?