4 Everyday Tech Gadgets We are Crushing On!

4 Everyday Tech Gadgets We are Crushing On!

By we, I mean you and I. But, if you already have all these items, can I just first take a moment to say you're my gadget goals!?  

I do not have a love for gadgets - the basics and I'm alright. It's pretty bad that I still don't know how to navigate the cable TV. Maybe that's the real reason I don't watch a lot of TV and not the reason I gave in this post

So even though I really wanted to try out a new Samsung phone, the thought of getting used to a new setup seemed like such a bother - so I stuck to the iPhone. Now it pretty much looks exactly like my previous iPhone and I don't quite feel like it's new! 

So if I'm crushing on these, it must be real. 

1.     The iMac
I'm actually not a fan of laptops. I understand the need, but with newer laptop models, the screen is just quite small and I honestly find it difficult to type and navigate a laptop. I love the wide screen of a monitor and I love to use a mouse. Although I've actually never used a MAC computer, this is at the top of my tech wish list right now. It's just so gorgeous and sleek! I can't tell you much about the functionality but everyone who has it believes that one use and you're stuck for ever! Plus as my friend says, you can't have the iMac and have an untidy desk. The only disadvantage will be that it's not movable. So for those days we want to be a couch potato, it's either we win the battle over indiscipline or we get no work done. What do you think of the iMac? Any good or bad points? Can the keyboard work with an iPad?

2.      A Fitness Watch
People, it's almost like if you don't have this you don't fit into the cool kid gang! Haha. But more importantly, before writing this post, I attempted a work out - but I'm not really sure if a single calorie was burned. So It'll be good to know I guess. It appears the most popular ones are FitBit and Polar. Do you have or have you used any of these? Does it make you want to work out more? 

3.     Blue-Tooth Head Set

I'm also not a music person. Weird I know, but that's a topic for another day. For now, imagine jogging on the streets with a fitness watch. What's missing? Blue-Tooth Head sets of course. I think they're really cool and on the few occasions I actually want to listen to music it'll be great to have one. Especially because, try as I might, ear phones that are supposed to fit into the ears just do not stay in my ear! So I need those that go over the head. But it has to be blue tooth, because wires = extra hassle. 

4.    Canon DSLR Camera

World Photography Day was a couple of days ago. If you follow me on Instagram, you know I stopped a random stranger and asked him to take a photo of me. I think I'm beginning to love photos. Although I have a bridge Canon camera, which is arguably pretty decent (used it in Cornwall which was okay), it's only human nature to want something higher. So yes, this is the fourth and final item on this wish list. It probably has to be Canon though. Not sure where this bias came from, but deep down I'm a Canon babe I think. Happy for you to try to win me over in the comments section. If you have a DSLR camera, please could you advise us on it? What's good, what's not? Considering that my photography kinda sucks, is it best to attend an online photography class before making a purchase? Well well, this is after all a wish list and there's 1 -3 before we get to number 4.

Your turn. Crushing on any of these? If not, what's on your tech / gadget wish list?  Share with us, you never know what can go down in the comment section. If you've got any of the above, please share your experience while we count our pennies, in anticipation. 


Kachee... Xx

pS: Just in case you're a student in the UK, there's a current back to school promo on some of these items. If you buy a MAC from the Apple Store you get the wireless headset free! Ends 4th of September. And there's a 15% discount on all Canon products. You're welcome!

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