What goes on behind-the-scenes of a Marriage Proposal?

Many times, with a proposal, I'm often fascinated by the behind the scenes, especially when I see all those cute photos. Did the couple ever talk about the proposal? Was it a complete surprise or did the girl's friends keep pestering her to get a manicure? Were the parents already aware of the proposal? How did he find her ring size? Did she keep sending him website links of pretty rings? 

So when I read proposal stories, I'm often looking out for these details. Too bad many of them don't really tell us. So I've concluded that many girls just often have a good manicure, at every point in time (and in some cases, just pay extra attention to the ring finger. Yeah right!)

Recently my mum sent me a picture of my initial engagement ring. I'm kind of gutted that even though I was recently home, I forgot to pick it up. Why I changed engagement rings? Check here

I didn't think I was going to get proposed to. And no, that's not because I didn't think anyone would want to spend his life with all this awesomeness that I am! I'm just overly practical, and if I've been with someone for long, I'll definitely know were we stood.  So, I assumed that we'll just wake up one morning and start fixing dates for the wedding and all what not. I didn't really care for the proposal. But it happened!

And in my case, the behind the scene was that I knew about it before hand. Poor Tee cannot keep a secret.  (So, I was surprised my 26th Birthday party was a successful surprise). Or maybe my detective moves were just too smooth. Essentially he had asked a friend for my ring size, and I stumbled on that chat! Hahahahaha. Interestingly, he had also sent me a direct message saying he wanted to propose. Hilarious. Let me explain. So a message comes into my phone saying via BBM messenger and it's from Tee.

  • Him: I'm thinking of proposing
  • Me: Huh!
  • Him: (obviously realising that he had sent the message to the wrong person!) 'Nothing I just wanted to propose some kind of business to my sister'
  • Me: Oh okay. 

I was totally not even thinking of a marriage proposal and it was the last thing that crossed my mind. Until I stumbled on the chat. What happened afterwards was kind of funny. We had a chat about it, and I thought 'Well I don't really want a long engagement and I'm not ready to get married soon, even though I know I'll marry you! So maybe hold off on the proposal?". He really didn't listen to my very valid reasons and went ahead to arrange a surprise proposal! So even though I had an inkling that it may happen, I still didn't know where or when and it turned out to be a decent surprise, of just the two of us! And no, I didn't cry. No one really knew the details of the proposal - except his friend who just couldn't believe that it was happening!.

So, let's talk about the the scenes of marriage proposals! If you're married, do you have any interesting behind the scene stories? If you're not, what sort of proposal would you rather have, personal and intimate or a whole crowd of people snap-chatting the moment? Would you like your parents to be informed before hand that you'll be getting proposed to? Do you even believe in proposals? How will you get him to know what ring you'll like? 


Kachee... Xx

pS: Promise rings seemed to be a thing at some point. What do you think of them? i.e. not an engagement ring, but still I promise to propose to you later! Loool!

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