8 Interesting type of Dancers you'll find at a Nigerian wedding party

If you're a fan of weddings, you know dancing is a pretty important part of the wedding. I'm not overlooking the father-daughter dance or the couples' first dance, but how guests react to and on the dance floor is a major key to how well your wedding is graded. You'll have a lit* Nigerian wedding party if your DJ / Band was awesome and the party rocked. 

I hadn't been to a Nigerian wedding in two years (last one attended was mine in 2014!). So when I attended one recently in Lagos, I had such a fab time, and noticed the 7 kind of dancers you're likely to come across:

1. The Seat Movers: You know those people who constantly remain on their seats, yet don't fail to shake their head and upper body? Yep! They're the seat dancers. It's funny because when they eventually get up to dance, they often don't do such a great job. 

2. The Spouse Clingers: All through the day, they usually dance with just one person - their spouse or partner! It's either because they are marking territory or they don't feel like such great dancers and know that this one person won't mock their dancing skills or lack thereof! 

3. The Party Shaker: They know all the songs, the lyrics and the dance steps! You don't catch them taking a break on their seat because they don't know what song is currently playing. They also know the DJ and give hints on what songs should be played. The Party Shakers are the last people to leave the last dance floor - grudgingly!

4. The Networker: Who says you can't get a job or meet potential boo via the dance floor? The networker doesn't take any chances. A bit of dancing, more of networking - ensuring that business cards and / or phone numbers are exchanged. This N60,000 Agbada or N10,000 face beat shall not be put to waste. 

5. The Cash Machines: These ones are not so interested in showing off their dancing skills, but more interested in showing off their wad of cash. They may be on the dance floor for just a few seconds, but you're very likely to remember them (and their crisp currency notes) long after the party is over. 

6. The SnapChatter - These are a new crop of dancers, thanks most especially to SnapChat! They want to have a good time, but more importantly, their followers need to know they had a lit weekend. So they go around the dance floor, with a mobile phone in hand, snapchatting. Beware of how you act on the dance floor, you may just be caught while they prowl! 

7. The Dirty Dancer: For a second, they almost make us think we're in a night club, and we wonder if we should send the kids away. Essential they're the no-hold barred dancers. Get a room maybe?

8. The Regular Jo: Not much to say about Jo. Just another regular on the dance floor and most likely won't be remembered. They dance to the few songs they like and take a few photos (ensuring there's at least a decent one for Facebook and Instagram).

Have I missed out any group? Which or these are you?  What do you generally prefer at weddings - a band or a DJ or both? 


KacheeTee... Xx

pS: I always found it funny when single girls had to come out to catch the bouquet. Thanks to my girls in the photo above, for being enthusiastic about it!

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