Kachee's Musings: The Office Desk Edition

Hey people. How's your hump day going? Good I hope. 

Here's basically how my day has been. In feelings, actions and emotions. 

  • Creating : a CD compilation of transaction documents to be sent to a client. 
  • Drinking : not enough water. The half-full (trying to be an optimist!) water bottle on my desk reminds me of this fact. 
  • Reading : an email from the YouVersion Bible App on family bible verses. We don't really have one. Maybe Tee and I should consciously pick one. 
  • Wanting : to get up and walk around. Been sitting around too much, I may have bum sores.
  • Looking: forward to June, being in Lagos, attending the very first wedding since ours 2 years ago and hopefully having a good time.
  • Playing: with the necklace on my neck. I hardly wear necklaces and I'm surprised I've not taken this off yet.
  • Wasting: a banana, imported from Ghana. In my defence, the bottom bit was too soft.
  • Wishing: I knew how to type faster. Too late to learn?
  • Enjoying: Not having a computer screen that faces my supervisor. Had that for the past year, and it was not fun.
  • Waiting: for the end of the month. To be paid.
  • Liking: the way my red polished nails looks against the keyboard. Perfect length and shape.
  • Loving: the weather lately. I actually wore a sleeveless jacket today. 
  • Hoping: that I'm being awesome at my job. It's sometimes hard to tell. Everyone's so diplomatic about these things.
  • Marvelling: at how there are no waste baskets on all the offices on the third floor. 
  • Smelling: Nothing. My sense of smell is poor. Maybe everyone else would smell this toffee and strawberry syrup I had with crepes for breakfast.
  • Wearing: Mustard mini skirt, black body, tights and ankle boots. One of the few days I dress more 'British'. 
  • Following: a lot of Blogs on Bloglovin. 
  • Noticing:  how ripped  my Iphone charger is. I've used a black tape to hold it up before, but it's ripped further.
  • Knowing: That I'm blessed to be here. Knowing I should make the best of it. 
  • Thinking: about the Exhibition later tonight. I'm meeting up with a friend and we are going to a photography exhibition at Tate Britain. 
  • Bookmarking: Nothing today. I hardly go back to my bookmarks
  • Opening: My office email inbox. No emails that require my attention (yet), thankfully.
  • Feeling: Hungry. Very hungry. Thankfully, I have home made rice and stew, (and hard Nigeria type chicken) which I should have for lunch.
  • Giggling: At the thought of the man at the Café who'll most likely call me 'Angel' as he always does, when I go down to have lunch.
  • Wondering: If my Supervisor secretly thinks I eat a lot.

Sometimes, it's important we make a conscious effort to get in touch with our feelings - the random and not-so-random.

Where are you? What are you doing? What are you feeling? You can pick one or more of the above. 


KacheeTee... Xx

pS: Wednesdays are referred to as Hump Days because it's the middle of the working week. The Hump.