Switch to Re-useable Menstrual Products? - 7 Different Types to Try

When I first heard of Reusable Menstrual Products, commonly known as RUMPs, one of the first things that sprung to mind was stories of women from older generations using pieces of cloth for their periods during their monthly menstrual cycle.

And so I thought, why in the world of disposable convenience would anyone choose anything that they would have to wash and use again? Surely that was going backward? However, the thrifty, wannabe environmentally conscious, minimalist in me took over and I quickly concluded that it might not be such a bad idea after all.

So why choose RUMPs?

Say Hello, to the Writing Team!

Say hello to the five ladies joining us as writers and contributors on KacheeTee.com!

I'm super excited to finally be ticking this off, as it's been one of my blog goals this year. I love writing and sharing most of the posts over here, but there's often so much thoughts I have in my head, so much I want to write about and so much to share.

And you can probably tell I love to share about diverse subjects and people's experiences too. So I made a call for contributors to join on here as part of the team writing posts on a regular basis, and I was pretty surprised by the interest! 

To keep it small though (and so you still remember everyone individually), I've kept the number to a good size. You'd obviously get to know and interact with them  more through their posts but for now, a little info on each of them. 

The Kind of Diaper Bag Every Mum Needs (+ essentials to have in it)

For some reason, a diaper bag was one of the last things I bought and eventually struck out from my baby list. But then I realised I wasn’t alone; my friend and I were pretty torn on which to go for. I had so many requirements I wanted it to tick. 

First it had to be quite spacious. I’d made up my mind that contrary to the understandable actions of many first time mums, I wasn’t going to lug the whole kitchen sink into a diaper bag and risk hurting my arms and shoulders (which meant the diaper bag on its own had to be pretty light weight).  But at the same time, we know that with a baby –  the little necessities add up. Asides being spacious, it also had to help keep me organised. I won’t lay claim to being the most organised person (and anything to help as a new mum was a plus). So it would have been utterly useless to have a really spacious deep holed bag with no compartments which help keep things in place. Separate storage was important - baby food had no business being in the same space with soiled diapers.

Five Top Tourist Attractions To Explore in Accra

Initially, I was a bit uncertain about flying slightly over 6 hours to visit Ghana from the UK. Not when I’d lived in Nigeria for years and that was literally 45 minutes away from Ghana. Perhaps, I slightly looked down on the destination – or better still hoped to visit when it could be a much easier (and cheaper) travel. But I’m glad I snapped out of that real quick – we had an absolutely great time. 

Before I delve in, a bit of travel behind-the-scenes- (you know we often have those). When we got to the airport we realised that the flight from London was actually very full and so Tee had been bumped up to business class. I guess they didn’t realise all three of us were flying as a family. Anyway, as a good husband should, he offered his seat to me – so I could literally chill.

But barely an hour into the flight, it seemed like our son was clearing missing me and refused to be consoled by his father - so they sent for me!

10 (+1) Diverse Children's Books With Characters of Colour

As a parent and as a teacher, it’s been my aim for the young people in my life to absolutely love reading and books. Being a British born Nigerian and having taught in Nigeria for a number of years, diverse books have become very important to me. This is because I believe that books aren’t just about “others”, But when we see people like ourselves in the media, including in fiction, we get a glimpse of who we might become, we feel validated and we feel relevant. 

I totally recommend these diverse reads in no particular order and I hope you enjoy this list too.

A Day in the Work Life of Ugochi Obidiegwu: Airline Cabin Crew Safety Officer

Every time I have to travel by air on a plane, I'm genuinely intrigued by the cabin crew and my thoughts range from the serious - how they ended up in that role, fears and challenges about being up in the air many times, perks of frequent travel - to less important things like whether or not they truly like their uniform! 

Thanks to this feature, you and I get some answers to these questions. Ugochi is an airline Cabin Crew and Safety Officer in Lagos, Nigeria.  Asides this day job, she's also known as "The Safety Chic" on social media, where she engages in safety conscious advocacy and focuses on creating unique safety education products for children and educators in order to intentionally groom safety conscious children. She's also an author of a child safety storybook series - The Adventures of Muna.

She shares her work life with us, tips for a similar career and perks of the job - amongst other things. I particularly love the story around her most favourable moment on the job - and you will too!

Four Women. Four Stories of Living with Scoliosis

It’s okay if you saw the header and wondered what on earth that is. I only learnt of it a couple of years ago thanks to one of the ladies in this post. But for a condition that affects quite a large number of people it’s interesting how very little is known about it.

Simply put, Scoliosis is a situation where the spine twists and curves to the side. Thus, such persons could have a visibly curved spine, uneven shoulders and hips or even visible ribs sticking to one side.

It appears that due to a lack of awareness, it’s often not detected early making it tougher to manage. In some extreme cases in developing nations, it is seen as an aberration leading to such persons being discriminated against or even tortured.

As June is Scoliosis awareness month, four women share their stories - of diagnosis, life changes and generally living with scoliosis. 

My Fathers Day Ode

Growing up in my house, it would have been difficult to not love food. My father is the ultimate food lover and I have lots of food memories while under his roof. Some interesting, some fun, and some well, downright not-to-be-encouraged.

It often seemed like family time and conversations for all 7 of us centred around breakfast, lunch or dinner. He was happiest after a well prepared tasty meal and at that point, he would dig deep into his bag of anecdotes and jokes finding the ones most suitable to complement and relish in the atmosphere of the well-eaten meal as we await or prepared the next one. 

For someone who loves food so much, it’s amazing how the kitchen was mostly foreign territory to him; I cannot remember a food shopping experience either. Perhaps like many others, he believed in the greatly flawed narrative of (married) men and the cooking not being buddies.

Oh, he but did cook eggs - that was his thing. Weekend breakfast was epic. He’d call it “continental breakfast” with an omelette, sausages and baked beans.

10 Sisters, Same Parents: On the Best and Least Fave Part of their Sisterhood

When I first met #9 Feyi, as we lawyered about and worked on a project a few years ago, I thought she had great genes - didn't look a day older than 16. And then I'm not sure which came first, seeing photos of her mum and noticing how strong and lovely she looked or the realisation that Feyi was number 9 of 10 sisters. Of the same parents. A family of 10 girls. My curiosity spiked from then. And although this was a few years before I had even considered blogging, I already  thought it would be super cool, to interview them, sit amongst them and seeing how they got along and perhaps hearing about their childhood and growng up years. What could it be like to have nine sisters?

And then through number 9, I met number 10 Bamike. Imagine having nine older sisters. That must be bliss. 

I love following them on social media and the way they refer to themselves using their numbers. It helps the rest of us know who is who. They also frequently use the hashtag #FrancisAngels

The New Baby Essentials We Absolutely Loved

My friend thinks that like the wedding industry with all its charm, the baby product industry is such a danger zone - particularly for first-time mums.  I have to agree. Everything is so bright and shiny and perfect. And the gorgeous photos of the products. Lets not even talk about the little baby clothes too: everything is cuter in baby size. But then you fall for it, buy everything and realIse two things (i) you know longer have space in your home and (ii) you actually didn't use or need half. 

But I was aware of this trap and tried to avoid falling in. So first, I didn’t start shopping too early. Because once you start, it’s hard to stop. Second I was armed with an excel spreadsheet and detailed list. Finally, I read reviews and relied on first-hand information - a lot of which was so helpful.

I’ve often shared my thoughts on products via Instagram. People have agreed with me saying “we’re product twins!”, some have gone off to purchase the items and some have asked for more info!

As much as I tried, not all items were perfect or worked for us.