When Being Christian Isn't Enough: A Heartbreaking Story of Different Churches, Family Opposition and Lost Love

I am the first born of 5 children and an only girl with four brothers. I didn’t have the easiest childhood because of the expectations from my father. I was the model daughter, who never did wrong and I was often the basis of comparison with other kids. I couldn’t make decisions on my own where my parents were involved, especially my father. And although my mother didn’t agree with many things he did or said, she couldn’t really do much to help. I lived for my family, I did everything to please my father. Until my relationship with Kay.

Kay and I met at the University of Jos as students. We were both in the same class but we weren’t friends until our third year. Initially we were just friends and in relationships with other people. I didn’t have the slightest inclination that we will end up lovers.

When I first met him, he wasn’t the type I would usually date because of the age bracket. He is a year older than I am and I had a preference for older guys. Also, he was a catholic and that was a keep off zone.

What I Wear In a Week - Anthonia Okonkon

Anthonia who works as a Project Manager on assignments that deliver change through economic development and government reforms says she hasn't always loved fashion. In her words "as a kid, I was very outdoorsy so I wore clothes that allowed me run, climb trees and jump fences. I was anything but enthusiastic about fashion... my mum used to bribe me to wear earrings and dresses. Safe to say she was pleasantly surprised when I made a 180 degrees turn" .

She describes her style as generally versatile as she goes through a lot of phases very quickly. "One week might have a preppy feel and the very next, I’m vintage. The common three denominators however would be:

  • Chic: I have a thing for clean cuts, tapered pants and structured outfits

  • Artsy: I love to play around with prints, especially Ankara

  • Casual: I’m a really big fan of shift dresses, boyfriend jeans and oversized shirts"

Anthonia shares what she would usually wear in a week and how her daily professional and social life affects her choices! 

Life Lately - First Family Holiday, Hair Cut and Life Lessons in Between

Life lately! I don't think I've ever done one of these kind of posts. 

I thought of updating you guys via an Instagram caption but that would have been a really long caption! And coming from one  who writes long captions - that's something. But secondly blog posts come easily to me than Instagram captions. The latter is often a task and requires way too many edits. Plus not every blog reader is on Instagram you know? But if you are you should follow me @kacheetee (I'm really hoping to get to 10k followers sooner than later and have that swipe up feature which makes it easier to catch up on blog posts!)

So why is a life lately post necessary?

First off, I'm in Johannesburg and typing this up on my phone at 7am in a rather cozy bed (with too many pillows!) with my son in my arm and Tee still sleeping. 

10 Women on the Best Career Advice They Ever Received

I remember my first job straight out of law school. It was exciting, but yet challenging. I remember writing legal opinions that substantially covered the heart of the matter - but was clearly not in a form to be sent out to the client.

And did I have to bother with this - I was only a junior associate and was very aware that before any advice got the client it was likely to go through a minimum of two reviews - one senior associate and one partner. And it was bound to come back to me with an array of red pen corrections and edits.

But one of the most memorable advice I've ever received has to do with this

I Didn't Eat Rice for 46 Days... Here's What Happened

I think I have an unhealthy relationship with rice. Scratch that. I know I have an unhealthy relationship with rice.

And if you know me even remotely, you probably know this fact.

Rice is what I blame for my bingo wings and love handles. At a restaurant, I'm very often scanning the menu for rice. Rice is the reason I'm a fan of Thai, Indian, Malaysian, Japanese, Chinese, Mexican, and ofcourse Nigerian cuisine - which is the biggest culprit of all.  At an event I'm most likely filling my plate with rice - and going back for seconds. Or if there's no rice, I'm most likely wondering "how is there no rice?". As someone said, a party without rice is basically a gathering. 

Rice was my default work lunch on most days. I remember once a senior colleague at work asked what I was having for lunch.

Four Mini Favourites #1

Hey hey!

I've been meaning to start this on here for a while, and I'm glad I'm finally getting around to it. It's a simple monthly blog post where I'd share 4 "mini" faves - everyday items that I love and I've found helpful or fun. These items would cut across everything the blog covers - lifestyle, motherhood, relationships fashion, travel, career, food, blogging, relationships - you get the drill. 

Why mini? Because they're relatively affordable. I'll try to leave a link for you check it out and make a purchase if you'd like.

An English Afternoon Tea Experience at Fortnum and Mason

I'm really not a tea person, but guess what? I had an absolutely lovely time at Fortnum and Mason and I think since then I've been drinking much more tea! So how did I end up at afternoon tea - a fine English traditions. 

Well, at the beginning of the year and amongst travel enthusiasts and bloggers there was a lot of buzz about 2018 travel goals. To be honest, I wasn't really fussed. I remember mentioning to a few people that it'd be goal attained if we managed to travel anyway as a family this year - seeing as our first attempt to travel with a new born was quashed. 

Anyway, when my friend Dee (who I've featured here and here - seeing as she's travel and career goals) shared her travel 2018 goals, it ranged from Australia to Capeverde to Switzerland to Belize and Indonesia. That's 5 continents!

While chatting randomly, she mentioned that she'd also love to have afternoon tea. Ah, finally something I could do.

Back to Work after Maternity Leave? 6 Helpful Tips to Hiring a Great Nanny

I have always believed in the need to hire help at home. I grew up in a house where we always had someone to help; hired, family or distant relative.But despite this, shortly after I had my baby, I started having thoughts that nobody would watch over my child like I would; no nanny, no crèche, not even a close family member.  

And so, although I had a corporate job, I had settled that I will not work for at least one year, because of my baby. Like many first time mums, I realized that I only had that mindset because I had read experiences shared on social media and also read countless comments of people blaming career mums who had to return to work for leaving their children in the care of someone while insinuating that no one can care for your child better than you. 

This narrative, even though wrong, has led many young working mothers to sacrifice their careers and sometimes their potential to take care of their children.

13 Questions for The Stylish Trotter who Quit her Job to Travel the World

We very often hear that you don't have to quit your job to travel the world and it's in fact the better option to have a day job and make time out for travel. But for Victoria, travel enthusiast and blogger - commonly known as The Stylish Trotter, this wasn't sufficient; so she quit her day job and decided to travel for a whole year!

Victoria only started travelling in 2016 but has now been to over 25 countries. In the next one year she's looking to double that figure.I've followed her adventures via Insta Story from Dubai to Oman. She's currently in China, and heading to Hong Kong and Indonesia shortly. It would have been nice to tag along on such epic adventure, but for now I'd continue to live vicariously through her. 

In her responses to these 13 questions she shares most of what we're thinking about. Why she chose to do this, the planning and financial considerations, challenges and all that she's looking forward to. 

I Quit Banking to Become a Natural Hair Stylist - and Here's My Advice

"If it is to be, it is up to me" 

You're probably wondering if you read right. But yes, I quit my job as a banker to become a natural hair stylist!

Before I go further, a little introduction?

My name is Ajibike Salami, but Jiji for short (my now 14-year-old nephew gave me that name when he was about 2 years old and could not pronounce my name. It stuck!) . I graduated with a second class upper in Physics (yup! Physics) from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. I completed my mandatory national service year with a reputable bank and got a job there as well. So yes, I had been gainfully employed for almost 7 years. I like to think that I am one of those children that any (Nigerian) parent will be proud of.

Looking back, I have had a pretty decent career earning a relatively good salary but I just wasn’t feeling myself – satisfaction was lacking.