About Me

That's me in white and in yellow, Tee. This is my fave picture at the moment. We dated for about six years and have been married for two! Yeah, college sweethearts kind of thing. You can tell I love Love right? 

I am a Lawyer, and I think a pretty good one (If my double first class Nigerian degrees and my Cambridge degree is anything to go by). I currently practise in England and I love Law (most times). 

I love to write. Once in High School, my friend mentioned I might win a Pulitzer Prize. Trust me that's not happening, but at least, I have a blog! 

I'm generally the girl next door, learning to be more upbeat and live Life with intention and purpose, enjoying the little-est things.

Oh one more thing. I love (brackets), ellipses... and exclamation marks! 

About KacheeTee.com

KacheeTee.com is a different kind of lifestyle blog - lighthearted, educative and entertaining. We talk about everything and anything - all in a bid to help us live life more intentionally and have fun! 

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Kachee... Xx

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Hey friends, I just found this blog and I think you'll love it.
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